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02 May 2010 @ 05:51 pm
1. Before you do anything, you need to apply here.

2. Once your application has been recieved, you will be sorted into a team. You will then recieve an invitation to join the main community and your team community. From there you can join all of the subcommunities.

3. You may enter as many challenges as you wish as long as you follow the rules on each on.

4. You may also edit your challenges until the due date.

5. Points will be awarded for both participation in challenges and also for the winners of the challenges. These points will be awarded when the challenge has ended.

6. Make sure to post an introduction thread in your team communities.

Team Leaders
prettyl_aria - open, open
prettyl_emily - cut_out_hearts , open
prettyl_hanna - open, open
prettyl_spencer - open, open

If you'd like to be a mod, please say so in your application.
02 May 2010 @ 05:19 pm
If you wish to be affiliate with this community, post below with a link to your community.

Pretty Little Liars
02 May 2010 @ 03:34 pm


1. No TYP1NG LYKE tHiS. We want to keep this community mature and comprehensible. Swearing is allowed in the writing section (in your piece) and in some discussions, as long as it is not every other word. We are all over 13 (per LJ rules) so we all know that swearing happens. However, please keep it to a minimum if you must swear.

2. Do not bash other members. While this community is competition based, we would like to keep a friendly rivalry going with all the teams. This is a zero tolerance rule. If you get caught, you will be kicked. Consider this your warning.

3. Do not bash the characters, couples, or anything else in the show. You may state an opinion such as "Spencer is a little too uptight for my taste," but you may not bash. An example of bashing is: "Oh god I friggin hate Spencer. She's a little biyatch. Hanna is so much cooler."

4. Every member must participate in something at least once a week. If you find yourself unable to participate for a week, please tell your communities mod. We do understand that real life happens and we do not expect to be the only thing in your life. Especially since we know a lot of people in Land communities are in more than one.

5. You must be over 13 to join this community. That is LJ's rule, not mine.

6. Your journal must be over a month old and show signs of use. This includes communities, friends, stuff like that. We just want to see that you have some knowledge on how LJ is run.

7. As we are based on both books and a tv show, we ask that you keep spoilers to a minimum. You cannot use anything from an episode until a week after it has aired (unless they are stills of just a character with nothing incriminating) or from a book that has not been out for more than two weeks.


1. Games. This can be anything from luck games to word finds and everything in between.

2. Graphics. Our weekly graphics challenges can range from icons to wallpapers and posters.

3. Writing. Writing challenges are anything from drabbles, haikus and longer stories.

4. Gifts. We have an entire community devoted to gift-giving.

5. Social. We love to have discussions on various topics. We also have in-house team activities, parties and team bonding.


Points are awarded to all of those who participate in a challenge and sometimes even in discussions. Winners will be rewarded additional points as stated in the challenge itself. Team standings are always posted in the sidebar of the main community.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you around.

01 May 2010 @ 11:59 pm

1. Please answer all questions
2. Your journal must be at least a month old and show signs of use--posts, friends, communities, etc.
3. Once you've been assigned to a team, you will be invited to join this community and your team's community. Please don't ask to join before that. You can accept your invitation here. Invitations not accepted after 14 days are cancelled and you will have to apply again.
4. Please don't apply if you don't have time to participate in at least one activity each week.
5. I will try to put you in your first or second preference, but please note that I may have to assign you to your other preferences to keep the team numbers even. The team names don't reflect the kinds of activities you'll do, and remember that the name is just that--a name!
6. Read the rules before you apply.

We are currently looking for:
2 mods for Team Aria, Team Spencer, and Team Hanna
1 mod for Team Emily

If you wish to mod, please say so in your application.