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Pretty Little Liars
Welcome to prettylland, an interactive community based on Sara Sheppard's series, Pretty Little Liars, and the ABC Family series by the same name. When you apply, you will be sorted into one of four teams: Team Spencer, Team Aria, Team Hanna, and Team Emily. From there you will be encouraged to participate in the myriad of activities we will have posted on the site. This community can get pretty confusing, due to the various subcommunities, so here comes the breakdown. We ask that you join all of the subcommunities when you join, however you don't have to watch all of the communities.

prettyl_hanna prettyl_emily prettyl_aria prettyl_spencer These are the four teams. You will get your invite to join one of these teams once you apply. This is basically an area where you get to know your teammates, discuss strategies, and simply hang out. Because of the strategy planning, you may only join the team community you're assigned to.

prettyl_media All of the media challenges can be found here. These challenges include videos, fanmixes, graphics, and anything else that is considered multi-media.

prettyl_writing All of the writing challenges will be found in here. These will include fanfiction (primarily) along with various other related writing prompts. Please be sure to check this stuff out and join in the amazing challenges we offer.

prettyl_games Games that are played for points will be found in this area. These are easy points and we ask that all members try to participate. After all, this is an easy way to get extra points and have fun while you're at it.

prettyl_gifts This is the place to go for gifts. This community will primarily be active during 'gift-giving' seasons. Make sure to check it out when the announcements come up that a gift giving season is around the corner, because sometimes you may find free points here.

prettyl_chat This is just where you go and discuss whatever you wish. Please be courteous and remember to use lj-cuts when discussing anything that could possibly be spoiler-ish. We don't want to spoil those who don't wish to be spoiled.

prettyl_a This community is where all the announcements will be posted. If you don't watch any other community within Pretty Little Liars Land, you should watch this one. We will try to get a post up every day with the activities going on.

prettyl_winners All of the winners from past challenges and phases will be found in this area.

This community is based on the format of sailormoonland and whedonland.